Easy Cost Reduction

  • Less wiring work since additional control leads like for DALI or DMX systems, for example, are rendered superfluous.
  • Systems can be extended or changed without the need for wiring.
  • Commissioning costs are reduced as neither PCs nor programming know-how is required.
  • Maintenance costs are minimised by a remote-maintenance option.
  • Costs are cut by presence-dependent and timer-controlled light management.
  • Longer service life due to optimised operation times.
  • Energy costs are lowered thanks to highest efficiency LED technology.
  • Light scenes can easily be changed with a free App.
  • Lighting can be adapted to changing room purposes by Smartphone without a technician.

Easy Planning

Manual Scene Selection

Stored scenes, select luminaires each with their own individual brightness, can be actioned quickly and adapted to the room. The light intensity can be adjusted between 1% and 100%.

Presence Detection

Light by demand thanks to integrated sensors. Illumination of specific zones only if these are active or frequently used.

Calendar and Timing Functionalities

Built-in clock and calendar enabled timing. E.g. for retail applications the intensity can be adjusted either by seasons (summer/winter), or daylight (day/evening).

ADJUSTMENT TO Change Purpose or with System Extensions

The control of single and groups of luminaires via App can be adapted to the use any time. Wireless installation makes subsequent extensions easy.

Easy Commissioning and Customizing

You don’t have to be an expert - the user-friendly and free App for Apple and Android makes commissioning your illumination system child’s play. And should you still have questions, we have detailed tutorials.

1. Download Free App

2. Search Luminaires

3. Commission Luminaires

4. Touch

Simply better System Technology

IoT - Internet of Things

This means - Casambi takes lighting into the Internet of Things (IoT). Any iOS or Android Smartphone can be used as a connection to this IP world. This allows you to control your illumination system and check its current operating mode from anywhere in the world.

Control Elements for Ultimate Ease of Use

Wireless and magnetic Xpress switch.

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and Mesh Network

Controlling without any additional devices such as gateways or routers (reduces costs, eliminates sources of error). BLE connection is particularly thanks to automatical Frequency Hopping.

Password protected

Passwords prevent inadvertent access to the network and parameters from outside. 4 options for network sharing.


iBeacon transmitters, which can be activated upon demand.


Light Line System Baldur

Light Line System Baldur Vario

Light Line System Bragi

Spots Skadi / Skadi Fresh Food

Spots Skadi Eco

Spots Skadi Pendant

Spots Munin

Highbays Tyr

Highbays Swea

Highbays Swea Crane & Blue Spot

Highbays Vidar

Waterproof Viking

Waterproof F-LED2

Recessed Luminaire Idun Slim