LED Light Line System Baldur

Retail - One Light Line System. Many Applications Possibilities.

Light Line System from the Specialist

  • Increase of the attractiveness of the sales room
  • Perfect homogeneity for general lighting and real accents to highlight the merchandise
  • 50% lower energy consumption compared to non LED solutions for general lighting and lower investment costs compared to “spots-only” solutions

Industry - Perfect Flexibility

  • Specific lighting distributions among others narrow beam for high rack areas in logistics or wide beam lighting distribution to replace high-bay luminaires
  • Improvement of wellbeing and concentration of employees
  • 50% lower energy consumption compared to non-LED solutions and > 70% lower energy consumption in combination with presence and daylight controls

Product Features

Attractive design style for general and spot lighting

  • Stylish design with minimized dimensions, cross-section area is only 25% of conventional trunking systems
  • Aesthetic fit between the trunking rail and the spots due to balanced dimensions, LED drivers, even for spots, are hidden inside the rail
  • One elegant trunking system providing electrical and mechanical infrastructure for general and accent lighting

2 years Payback Time

  • Energy saving and reduce of total cost of ownership by using high efficient and persistent LED's
  • High luminous efficacy of up to 170 lm/W provides about 50% reduction in energy compared to conventional solutions
  • Daylight level and presence of people will reduce the energy bill by 70%
  • Lower maintenance costs and quick assembly

Perfect Flexibility

  • Wide variety of optimized light flux and optics per application
  • Easy adaptations of lighting set-up at any position (1-foot grid)
  • Fast click into trunking line due to specially developed Nordeon ClickFast system
  • Adaptable wiring options (5, 7, 9 or 11 wires)
  • Recessed version available
  • Spot Skadi and easy integration of any 3C-spot