Smart Lighting - no wire, just light!

Nordeon, specialist for efficient functional lighting solutions, offers his complete range of LED products with Smart Lighting the easiest wireless lighting control technology in the market. Hereby collaborates Nordeon with its technology partner Casambi, who were awarded for their system technology as a "Control Product of the Year 2016". Thus Nordeon customers worldwide can benefit from the highest lighting and operating comfort.

Smart Lighting from Nordeon compared to standard lighting system reduces installation, energy and commissioning costs in the application areas industry and retail. Through eliminating additional control lines, as needed for DALI or DMX solutions, wiring costs are being reduced and system extensions or changes are possible without any cabling. In addition energy costs can be reduced through presence-dependent and timer-controlled light management, optimized operating time and most efficient LED technology by Nordeon. Thanks to the intuitive free app (iOS, Android) commissioning costs are eliminated because no programming skills are required. Smart Lighting by Nordeon makes adjustments of lighting scenes, light intensity, adjustments to changed purposes child´s play.

Easy Planning

Smart Lighting allows you to adapt illumination individually to the application, around the clock, even if the room purpose changes between morning and evening. Stored scenes can be called up and adapted to the room use quickly, the luminous colour and brightness level can be individually adjusted, presence detection integrated, calender and timing functionalities can be used and the control of single and groups of luminaires via App can be adapted to the use any time. Also the wireless installation makes subsequent extensions easy.

Easy Commissioning and Customizing

The user-friendly and free App for iOS and Android makes commissioning your lighting system child’s play. You can use a Smartphone, tablet or Smartwatch for App-based operation. In addition to this, the system can be switched on and off by all customary switches. For extra convenience you have the wireless and magnetic Xpress switch at your disposal. Casambi takes lighting into the Internet of Things (IoT). Any iOS or Android Smartphone can be used as a connection to this IP world. This allows you to control your illumination system and check its current operating mode from anywhere in the world.

Simply Better System Technology

Smart Lighting from Nordeon is available just about anywhere without Internet connection thanks to rogressive wireless lighting control based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Since almost every Smart Device comes with a Bluetooth interface today, the lighting system can be controlled without any additional devices such as gateways or routers. This reduces costs and eliminates sources of error. The quality of the BLE connection is particularly stable thanks to automatic Frequency Hopping. In contrast to WiFi or Zigbee the system automatically identifies perturbations and interferences on the currently used frequency. The transmission frequency is then imperceptibly shifted to a neighbouring and interference-free band.

Further system technology awards are Mesh network and algorithms to ensure a balance between the luminaires, control elements and sensors within the network. Here information is passed on from each individual node. Each node also automatically serves as a repeater and relays the signal to neighbouring nodes. This means the kind of range problems experienced with classic radio-based systems are a thing of the past. Should a connection be severed nevertheless, the intelligence still rests with the other nodes. Thanks to permanent synchronisation the system auto-restores itself, which results in higher system reliability.

Smart Lighting from Nordeon relies on the high development standard and widespread acceptance of technology expert Casambi. This allows you to buy into a dynamic technical development for proven mainstream technology based on modern Smartphones & tablets. The Casambi App is constantly updated through automatic updates via the Internet. Firmware updates for the luminaires can be transmitted by Bluetooth directly to the Casambi Network. This ensures system security – both today and tomorrow.

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