Simply Better System Technology

Smart Lighting relies on the high development standard and widespread acceptance of technology expert Casambi. This ensures system security for you - both today and tomorrow.

IoT - Internet of Things

This means - Casambi takes lighting into the Internet of Things (IoT). Any iOS or Android Smartphone can be used as a connection to this IP world. This allows you to control your illumination system and check its current operating mode from anywhere in the world.

Control Elements for Ultimate Ease of Use

Wireless and magnetic Xpress switch.

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and Mesh Network

Controlling without any additional devices such as gateways or routers (reduces costs, eliminates sources of error). BLE connection is particularly thanks to automatical Frequency Hopping.

Password protected

Passwords prevent inadvertent access to the network and parameters from outside. 4 options for network sharing.


iBeacon transmitters, which can be activated upon demand.

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