Nordeon GmbH, Springe is restructuring the company in self-administration

In view of the circumstances due to the rapid spread of the corona virus we decided to realign our company and go through a restructuring process.

The filing of an application to order the restructuring in so-called self-administration was submitted to the district court of Hameln on Friday for the Nordeon GmbH, Springe. Self-administration was confirmed by the court. It was not an easy step for us, but it seems imperative to fully meet the market requirements of the professional lighting market and, in particular, our responsibility towards you and our employees. The process has no significant restrictions on our business operations and production continues. Customer orders will continue to be processed with great care and high quality delivered accordingly.

The self-administration process gives us the opportunity to drive the restructuring of the company forward with our experienced team without interrupting the operational process of production and sales. We are confident that we will emerge stronger from the process and that we can continue to offer you all the lighting solutions that already distinguish us. We are counting on your support on this path and our future and thank you for your loyalty.

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