Easy Cost Reduction

Make use of Smart Lighting to noticeably cut installation, energy and commissioning costs against your conventional illumination system.

50 %  Lower Installation costs with Smart Lighting

compared to DALI lighting systems
  • Less wiring work since additional control leads like for DALI or DMX systems, for example, are rendered superfluous.
  • Systems can be extended or changed without the need for wiring.
  • Commissioning costs are reduced as neither PCs nor programming know-how is required.
  • Maintenance costs are minimised by a remote-maintenance option.

70 %  Lower Energy costs with Smart Lighting

compared to T5 lighting systems
  • Costs are cut by presence-dependent and timer-controlled light management.
  • Longer service life due to optimised operation times.
  • Energy costs are lowered thanks to highest efficiency LED technology.

90 %  Lower Commissioning costs with Smart Lighting

compared to standard lighting systems
  • Light scenes can easily be changed with a free App.
  • Lighting can be adapted to changing room purposes by Smartphone without a technician.

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