Nordeon - Lighting Solutions for Industry and Retail

NORDEON - over 40 years experience

Nordeon, the specialist for interior lighting from Springe in Germany, offers tailor-made LED lighting solutions for industry and retail. The products are characterised by maximum efficiency, flexibility and shortest payback times.

Nordeon has one of the largest production facilities for professional LED luminaires in Europe with the latest industrial equipment and lean production processes.

Since 1974 high quality light line systems are developed and produced in Springe, Germany. It started with AEG branded Gealux, world's first light line system. It was succeeded by a second generation light line system that was developed during the Philips ownership and is currently one of the most widely sold light line systems ever. Baldur follows this tradition as the third generation and creates a new benchmark for LED light line systems.

Customer oriented, Agile and Reliable

Our entire production chain as well as the LEAN manufacturing environment is automated and highly flexible. This gives us the agility to quickly switch between product variants and dynamically respond to quantity fluctuations. This includes amongst others: cable cutting, roll forming, bending, clinching, punching and welding. In addition we have a fully automated (powder and wet) coating operation to point steel, plastic and aluminium surfaces.

With our own Distribution Centers in the country, and extensive international shipping experience, we have a proven track record to deliver products in a timely and reliable fashion. The warehousing activities are set up to store and handle large and odd sized fragile products. It can deal with containers as well as piece packaging and shipment.

Flexible, Efficient and Secure

Develpoment and Production

Our optical, electrical and mechanical engineering capabilities in combination with our vast experience in developing products based on efficient LED lighting technology form the basis of Nordeon's outstanding design and engineering of professional luminaires for retail and industrial applications.

The development team offers extensive capabilities for all relevant development aspects such as optic development, thermal design, project managers and electronic and mechanical engineers which are working close together with laboratory and shop-floor to design future LED based luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. Support functions as CAD and Data management are as well directly integrated to guarantee fast solutions.

Our production environment enables all relevant work steps for luminaire production. This is supported by our in-house tooling, which performs all necessary operations immediately.

To ensure we maintain these high quality standards, employees are regularly trained. The factory in Springe also has special ESD protection zones (electronic discharge) for LED luminaire production, therefore we ensure that all products produced meet the highest European quality standards in all aspects.

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety

Our well-equipped electro technical and lighting laboratory as well as our qualified processes for quality, environment, health and safety ensure that the highest standards are always implemented.

During the process of developing a luminaire till its final completion numerous tests have to be made. Our laboratory has excellent testing facilities and equipment for a variety of areas,e.g. electromagnetic compatibility (EN55015), safety test, electronic tests (EN60598), protection class tests (DIN EN 60529).

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with the newest measuring equipment to perform thermal measurements. Our luminaires are submitted for ENEC certification and special tests, such as 'The ball impact test'.