Petrol Industries, Batavia Stad Outlet Lelystad, Netherlands

Light is an important building block for shopping to become a sensual experience. In doing so, she takes on several tasks - from the quick orientation to the accentuation to the staging.

The range is constantly supplemented by new items, weekly the store windows and individual areas of the shop are newly decorated. Therefore a high degree of flexibility is placed on the lighting. The combination of the light strip system and spotlights creates on the one hand a uniform basic lighting of the sales area as well as a flexible presentation of the shop concept by simply exchanging lighting and spotting units as required.

Just as important as the emotional side of the lighting concept is the energy and climate policy in the egg trade. Intelligent planning is used to determine the optimum use of energy and at the same time reduce energy costs. Nordeon brings maximum light quality and energy efficiency into harmony.

Calculation example for a fashion store

Luminaires 75  75
Description CDM-T 70 W Skadi 2800 lm 930
Power (W) 88 30

Examples of illumination system, e.g. Fashion Store - Replacement lamp CDM-T 70W by Skadi Spot: 4000 operating hours per year