Hagebaumarkt Quintus, Kaarst, Germany

In the construction market there are craftsmen, tradesmen, caretakers and private customers. The product range is therefore very large and represents a great requirement for clarity. In addition, the shelves, which are equipped with pallets by hand as well as by forklifts, require light point heights of up to 6 m. Baldurs flexibility allows the use of  different optics.

At the hagebaumarkt Kaarst, for example, the wide-beam optics ensure an even basic brightness. The use of the medium-wide beam optics in the shelves illuminates both the aisle very well as well as the products on all shelves at the same time.

The Skadi spots have been used for the bathroom exhibition as well as action areas, which require high-quality and brilliant lighting, which set special accents.

Calculation example for a DYI store

Luminaires 300  477
Description 2 x TL-D 58 W Baldur 6000 lm
Power (W) 134 45,5

Examples of illumination systems, e.g. Hagebaumarkt with 35% daylight use: 3900 operating hours per year