Car dealership Heider, Hagen, Germany

Lighting in car houses creates a world of experience and a brand which can be experienced emotionally for the customer. A very good colour reproduction and warm white light colours are a requirement for the natural and exclusive perception of the world of goods.

"Thanks to the opal optics with an indirect illumination of the ceiling, our interior appears larger and provides a pleasant, uniform light without shadow." says Jan Heider proudly. The combination of light line with spotlights allows flexible lighting in changing positions of the vehicles.

Calculation example for car dealership

Luminaires 70  42
Description EL 4 x 18 VVG Baldur 6000 WB
Power (W) 84 45,5
Luminaires  16
Description Baldur 9000 WB
Power (W)  73,5
Luminaires  8   7
Description Strahl CDM-T 70 Skadi 3000
Power (W) 82  25

Examples of lighting equipment, e.g. Car showroom with light line and spots, 33% daylight: 3800 operating hours per year