Gieseke Cosmetic International GmbH is a hairdressing and cosmetics wholesaler. In total, more than 14,000 articles belong to its range – from shampoo to nail care products. Near to Hanover on around 9,000 square metres of production and storage space, more than 4,600 pallet spaces and the newest storage technology are available. A computer-controlled merchandise management system and electronic recording of all item data ensure complete documentation of every consignment.

The shelf-based lighting had to be improved so that employees could hand-pick small parts without getting fatigued. At the same time, the energy and maintenance costs also had to be significantly reduced. All rebuilding measures had to take place during ongoing operations. First, we replaced the existing mercury vapour lamps in the high-bay luminaires with modern LED lighting. 

Motion sensors control new light lines in the individual aisles. When an employee enters an aisle, the light goes to 100 per cent. After four minutes without movement, the luminous flux is reduced to 30 per cent; after another four minutes without movement, it is dimmed to 0 per cent.

The customer can conveniently reprogram the sensors via a remote control. Since the renovation of the lighting, the employees have benefited from a new level of visual comfort: the aisles are better lit and more homogeneous, and the colour rendering is much more natural. At the same time, we were able to reduce the customer’s energy consumption for lighting by more than 70 per cent.


  • Baldur light-line system with narrow beam light distribution for high rack areas
  • Baldur with medium beam light distribution for low order-picking shelves and staging areas
  • Baldur single luminaire above an automatic transport system for maintenance purposes
  • Movement detection sensors for high-bay applications up to 15 m