The central warehouse of Edeka Minden-Hannover covers 60,000 square metres and is located near Magdeburg. From here, the company supplies sales outlets throughout the entire business area with dry goods.

Based on a lighting concept from Hanse Licht Kontor GmbH, Ahrensburg, we installed a new LED light-line system with various optics for the best light distributions in the high-rack warehouse, in the staging area and in the empties warehouse. In very high areas, we used a crane to install high-bay luminaires with a medium beam optic. In the corridors, we used light lines with indirect lighting in order to ensure homogeneous illumination of the floor, walls and ceiling. 

The approximately 15-year-old lighting system of the central warehouse had to be replaced during ongoing operations. The main goal was to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. 

For rooms with special requirements, we provided waterproof luminaires and illuminated the outdoor areas with modern street lighting luminaires. In order to keep the costs of electrical assembly as low as possible, we retained existing luminaire positions.

These measures enabled us to reduce energy costs by 71 per cent. In addition, sensor technology in picking aisles makes a payback time of just 2.9 years possible.


  • Baldur light-line system with dedicated optics
  • Swea high-bay luminaire
  • Baldur light-line system with indirect lighting
  • Viking waterproof luminaire
  • Vulkan V3630 street lighting
  • Various sensors