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Young & Experienced

For more than a half of a century, we have been developing high end, energy efficient luminaires based on both conventional and LED based lighting technologies.

Our high quality luminaires are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany. We deliver a well-balanced combination of high performance and innovative design for industrial, retail, and office environments. In addition, we are an OEM supplier to major luminaire companies; as such we design, engineer and manufacture customer specific lighting products. We are passionate about innovation. We apply cutting-edge technologies in its designs. Our advanced, agile and flexible manufacturing environment enables us to service our customers' specific needs.

Nordeon history

  • 1951 - The lamp factory in Chalon sur Saone, France, is founded
  • 1962 - The luminaire factory in Hameln, Germany, is founded
  • 1974 - AEG acquires the luminaire factory and moves to Springe, Germany
  • 1985 - High automated production lines are introduced in Chalon sur Saone
  • 1992 - The lamp factory in Chalon sur Saone becomes an international production and distribution centre
  • 1994 - Philips acquires the luminaire factory in Springe from AEG
  • 2005 - Reduction of mercury content from 3mg to 2mg for the new generation Luxe lamps
  • 2006 - Usage of lead glass for lamps is ceased
  • 2006 - The luminaire site in Springe becomes the distribution centre for Philips in the DACH region
  • 2012 - Nordeon acquires the luminaire factory in Springe and the lamp factory in Chalon sur Saone from Philips
  • 2013 - Nordeon acquires the Philips site of Dijon


"We have many years' experience in our team."
Felix Zwaryszczuk Managing Director Nordeon France

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