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Open32-Vertriebszentrum, Arnheim, Niederlande

The visual tasks during the storage work are very comprehensive, from the handling of small-scale stored goods to all commissioning work, which is connected with reading tasks (labeling on storage goods, order form). Therefore high illumination is very important in order to ensure a smooth and faultless work. In a storage area, many tasks are performed on a vertical level. The lighting needs to provide an excellent light distribution so that the light from the top to the bottom of the shelf is wonderfully uniform and bright.

Calculation example for warehouses

  Old New
Luminaires 100 92
Description 2xTL-D 58W/VVG Baldur 9000    
Power (W)
134 73,5

*Example of illumination system, e.g. Warehouse with unused areas in time, 35% presence control, 20% daylight: 4000 operating hours per year

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