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Medimax, Wernigerode Germany

Flexibility and bright light all over the surface!

In principle, it was necessary to create a homogenous and brighter illumination of the sales area in order to evoke the customer's interest to enter the market. The store is immersed in white light, which should correspond to the image of Medimax as a cool, modern and innovative electronics store. Great value was also placed on the division of the lighting into the world of topics. A special focus was on the sound arena by accentuating with Skadi Spots. A stage-ready and exclusive pesentation of high-end products for the TV and home cinema sector, which invite to try out.

In addition, the new lighting system is very flexible, in order to be able to quickly redesign product ranges and experience areas without mounting tools.

Calculation example for an electronics market

  Old New
Luminaires 41 41
Description CDM-T 35W         Skadi 2000lm 930
Power (W)



  Old New
Luminaires 250 225
Description TL-D 58W            Baldur 6000lm     
Power (W)



 *Example of illumination system, e.g. Electronics market - 4000 operating hours per year - 20% daylight use

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